MLB Legends

Out of any professional sport, baseball is the game that is most closely tied to its past.  Very few fans are completely familiar with the careers of George Mikan (basketball), Red Grange (football) and Frederick Taylor (hockey), but Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and many other baseball legends are still alive and well in the minds of baseball fans.  Legends are so accessible to today’s fan because the game has barely changed.  Since its inception, the game is still about pitchers putting the ball where the hitters can’t reach it, and the batters putting the ball where fielders can’t get to it.  There haven’t been any wide-sweeping reforms that have changed the face of the game. 

Even the new baseball parks resemble the Roaring Twenties more than the Space Age.  It’s easy to imagine the legends playing in today’s game, and today’s greats playing in the days of yore.  This is precisely why there are so many barstool debates on how players from all eras stack up against each other.  Unfortunately, with all the focus Hall of Famers and the “Good Ol’ Days” receive, current stars can get lost in the mix.  The expansion and globalization of baseball means that more players from more countries are getting more exposure in more places.  We could very well be experiencing a “Golden Age” right now, and we wouldn’t even know it.  Baseball is a great game because of its past, not in spite of its past.  It’s important to appreciate what we have had, and what we have now.  It’s possible to say that there has never been this much talent in the major leagues at one time.  It’s best to appreciate it while you can. perdita di peso! Costruire una cifra!


Below are some of the Hitters, Legends and  Pitchers

MLB Legends
Adum Dunn Arky Vaughan Andy Pettitte
Aubrey Huff Babe Ruth David Wells
Ichiro Suzuki Cy Young Eddie Guardado
JimThome Don Mattingly John Smoltz
Kevin Millar Hank Aaron Kevin Brown
Larry Walker. Joe Morgan Matt Morris
Melvin Mora Mike Schmidt Roger Clemens
Paul Lo Duca Ozzie Smith Shawn Chacon
Shannon Stewart Sam Crawford Sidney Ponson
Todd Helton Yogi Berra Tim Hudson
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