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It can be argued that the best baseball players in America’s national pastime are no longer from the United States.  The pipeline of talent from Latin America has never been richer.  Albert Pujols has the skills to be the most probable next Triple Crown-winner; Sammy Sosa holds the MLB record for the most seasons with 60+ homers; Curacao’s Andruw Jones has won six straight Gold Gloves; and Vladimir Guerrero is perhaps the most compelling player in the major leagues. 



Japan’s influence is becoming more integral to American baseball as well.  While Ichiro is a constant threat to win a batting title, the Matsuis, Hideki and Kazuo, have shined in the Big Apple.  Hideki Matsui played a key part in the Yankees’ AL pennant-winning season last year, and Kazuo is holding his own while playing shortstop for the New York Mets. 

But while other countries are catching up to the U.S., it certainly doesn’t mean that American players are getting any worse.  Barry Bonds has won the last three NL MVP awards; Hank Blalock and Scott Rolen are establishing themselves as the premier third basemen in their respective leagues; and Jim Thome led the league in home runs last year.   

Baseball is becoming a melting pot of hitting approaches and batting stances, and, as a result, it has become a much more interesting spectacle because of it.  The fans vote for whom they want to see in the All-Star games, and the starting squads have been increasingly culturally diverse.  And in October when Latin and Japanese flags are raised in the stands, it’s proof that the World Series is involving more of the world.


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