MLB Legends

From Cap Anson to Mark McGwire, Cy Young to Nolan Ryan, there have been a small amount of players who have carved their own legacy in the history of a game that has had thousands upon thousands of people play it professionally.    

A good player will stand out during his era.  A great player will transcend his era.  Some will enter the conversations about who ranks as the best all-time; others who have had careers cut short will make people wonder what could have been. 

These are the players that parents will tell their kids about (or even name them after).  They fuel debates at the workplace, bring strangers together and, in some cases, are the foremost icons of their generations inside and outside of sports.   

Nobody knows for sure how Babe Ruth would have fared against Bob Gibson, or how many home runs Ty Cobb would have hit if he played 10 years later, but it doesn’t try to stop people from guessing, or fighting.  Take a look at the baseball section at your local bookstore next time you’re there – a significant amount of literature is based on these “what if…?” premises. 

It’s impossible to come to any solid conclusion on these matters, but this near-obsession with the past is what makes baseball what it is.  And it’s not just the fans – it’s the players, as well.  The players, nearly all of them millionaires, who met Ted Williams when the All-Star Game was held at Fenway in 1999 looked just like little kids meeting their hero. perdita di peso! Costruire una cifra!


Below are some of the players that have had careers worthy of “legend” status:OTHER PLAYERS

MLB Legends
Adum Dunn Arky Vaughan Andy Pettitte
Aubrey Huff Babe Ruth David Wells
Ichiro Suzuki Cy Young Eddie Guardado
JimThome Don Mattingly John Smoltz
Kevin Millar Hank Aaron Kevin Brown
Larry Walker. Joe Morgan Matt Morris
Melvin Mora Mike Schmidt Roger Clemens
Paul Lo Duca Ozzie Smith Shawn Chacon
Shannon Stewart Sam Crawford Sidney Ponson
Todd Helton Yogi Berra Tim Hudson
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