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The most professional sport of the Americans which makes the admirers go bananas has been acquired by the Major League Baseball. Under the jurisdiction of a commissioner, MLB appoints and regulates the sport’s trivias and also settle the deals and contracts. In unison there are 30 teams that vie for the victory with 16 in the NL and 14 in AL.

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These 30 teams are further divided into eastern, western and central zones according to their topography. MLB is basically an administrative and functional infrastructure which is coordinating them since 1920. The most preeminent series in the baseball is the World Series. This championship series is played in the month of October after the end of the regular season playoffs between the leading team of the American League and the leading team of the National League. From Anaheim Angels Roster to Toronto Blue Jays of AL and from Arizona Diamondbacks to St. Louis Cardinals of NL, below is a complete enumeration of the teams arranged systematically with their descriptive details on a click of the mouse.
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