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2004 has been an interesting (read: unpredictable) year for pitchers.  Aside from Eric Gagne, who hasn’t blown a save in over 70 consecutive attempts, baseball’s starting pitchers have been full of surprises. 

How about the Golden Oldies?  Randy Johnson is back to his Cy Young-award winning form, becoming the oldest pitcher in MLB history to throw a perfect game.  Roger Clemens has started the season with seven straight wins.  Jamie Moyer is pitching effectively even though he throws so slowly his fastball nearly goes backwards. 

The young guns aren’t backing down either.  The Marlins rotation, including Josh Beckett and Dontrelle Willis, are proving that they aren’t one-year wonders.  Mark Prior has been sidelined so far, but he’ll be contributing greatly to the Cubs’ cause when he’s 100 percent. 

Mark Buehrle, Trevor Hoffman and Mark Mulder, along with the Big Unit have been lighting the comeback trail on fire after down years, injuries, or both.  Kerry Wood started strong, but he’ll need a comeback of his own since he has been on the DL with arm injuries. 

New uniforms and teammates haven’t slowed down Kevin Brown, Curt Schilling or Keith Foulke, who were brought in to battle in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, and none have disappointed. 

Glory can be fleeting for pitchers, but there more than a few dozen that stand out above the rest in today’s game: perdita di peso! Costruire una cifra!



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